Your “Wild and Crazy” Puppy Needs To Learn THIS!

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we’ll be discussing an essential topic for all puppy owners: how to train your “wild and crazy” pup. As adorable as your furry friend may be, unruly behavior can quickly become a problem. That’s why we’re here to teach you the skills your puppy needs to learn to become a well-behaved companion. Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or an experienced handler, stay tuned for some invaluable tips and tricks to calm your pup and turn them into the perfect pet.


As a new pet owner, you may have recently brought home a bundle of joy in the form of a hyperactive puppy. However, as much as these furry companions can bring joy and laughter, they can also wreak a little havoc with their playful antics. Puppy training is essential to ensure that your pet grows to be an obedient, well-behaved dog. In this article, we will discuss some skills to teach your “wild and crazy” puppy, and ways to calm them down to maximize their training potential.

Two Skills to Teach Wild and Crazy Puppies

Teaching your puppy to be obedient is essential to ensuring they grow into a well-behaved dog. Two critical skills to teach your puppy are impulse control and self-soothing skills. These skills will help your dog know that not everything has to be instant gratification. Impulse control is a vital life skill that a dog needs to learn. Impulse control will help your puppy learn to resist shiny objects, other dogs and animals, and prevent destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture.
Self-soothing is also an important skill to teach your puppy. Self-soothing will help your puppy to be calm, independent and confidant. Your puppy will learn how to manage stress and cope with the world around them. This skill is vital for dogs, as it helps create confident, well-adjusted animals that can cope with new and potentially stressful situations.

Tiring out your puppy is important for training

Puppies have a huge amount of energy, which can make them very challenging learners. Tiring your puppy out before training sessions is crucial to ensuring they remain calm and focused. Long walks, trips to the dog park, and playdates with other dogs are excellent ways to exhaust your furry friend. Make sure to keep their training sessions short and fun. Don’t forget to throw in a few treats and lots of positive reinforcement, so they can stay focused and motivated.

Puppy Essentials Training Program available online

If you are struggling to train your puppy, the Puppy Essentials Training Program is a great place to start. This program is available online and developed by McCann Dogs, a reputable training center specializing in dog training. In this program, you will learn how to teach your puppy a range of life skills, including impulse control, self-soothing skills, and how to engage in appropriate behaviors. This program is designed to help any new pet owner struggling to train their furry companions.

Personalized Life Skills program for dogs over 5 months

For dog owners with puppies over five months old, McCann Dogs offers a Personalized Life Skills program. This program emphasizes impulse control, self-soothing skills and other essential life skills. Personalized Life Skills program is a great option for dog owners with more specific training needs or those looking to enhance their puppies’ impulses. This program includes access to a dedicated trainer who will create a personalized training program for your dog.

Store with dog products recommended by McCann Dogs

McCann Dogs online store offers a variety of dog products, including books, leashes, toys, and treat bags. All of these products have been tested and approved by the McCann Dogs center and are available internationally. These products are designed to make your life as a dog owner more manageable and your dog’s life more comfortable and enjoyable.

HeartDog Supporter program available

The HeartDog Supporter program is an excellent way to support the care of the dogs at McCann Dogs. As a HeartDog Supporter, you can help provide the resources to train, care for, and maintain the facility and the animals. By participating in this program, dog lovers can join the community of McCann Dogs while supporting a good cause.

Podcast with tips on dog training

If you are looking for more tips on dog training, the McCann Dogs podcast provides a wealth of information. The podcast features expert interviews, tips, and tricks on how to teach your dog different skills. By tuning in, you can learn more about puppy training, leash training, and handling other challenging behaviors such as aggression. You can access their podcast on their website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Ways to calm down a hyperactive puppy

Calmness is essential when it comes to dog training. If your puppy is hyperactive, there are several ways you can calm them down. For example, you can try to reduce their stimulation by turning off music or television, keeping them in a quiet room, or providing comfortable beds. You can also provide them with calm and focused playtime by reducing stimuli. Help your puppy learn to focus on only one toy to help them build impulse control. Additionally, regular exercise will help your puppy release energy and reduce hyperactivity.

Training rules for playing with your puppy

Playtime is an excellent way to bond with your puppy while teaching them appropriate behaviors. However, it’s crucial to set boundaries during playtime. For example, you should avoid wrestling or other rough play, which can encourage aggressive behaviors. Instead, encourage the use of toys and teach them the “leave it” command to help them to release objects. You can also encourage regular play sessions that focus on mental and physical stimulation, such as puzzles or obstacle courses.

Importance of self-control in puppy training

Self-control is essential in puppy training. It will help your puppy manage their impulses, appear more confident, and prevent destructive behaviors. To teach self-control in your puppy, you can start by slowing down play and practice impulse control or teaching your puppy to hold still for an extended period. You can also teach your puppy to stay in one spot by using scenting games or the “place” command. Self-control is a critical skill that will remain with your dog, and you should focus on developing it through fun and positive reinforcement.


Your furry friend is full of energy, curious and playful, but a little challenging to manage. However, with a little patience, planning, and training, you can teach your puppy to be obedient, confident, and well-adjusted. By incorporating these skills and resources, you can train your “wild and crazy” puppy and create a furry friend that will stay by your side for years to come.


  1. What is the Puppy Essentials Training Program?
    The Puppy Essentials Training Program is an online dog training program offered by McCann Dogs. It’s designed to help new pet owners teach their puppies essential life skills, including impulse control and self-soothing skills.

  2. How do I tire out my hyperactive puppy before training sessions?
    You can tire out your puppy by taking them for long walks, trips to the dog park, or playdates with other dogs before training sessions.

  3. What is the Personalized Life Skills program?
    The Personalized Life Skills program is available to dog owners with puppies over five months old. This program is designed to help enhance the essential life skills of your dog, including impulse control and self-soothing skills.

  4. How can I calm down my hyperactive puppy?
    Reduce stimuli, promote focused and calm play, and provide regular exercise for your puppy to reduce hyperactivity.

  5. What is the importance of self-control in puppy training?
    Self-control is crucial in puppy training as it helps your puppy manage their impulses, appear more confident, and prevent destructive behaviors.