The Unpopular TRUTH About Your Leash Walking Training

Are you struggling with leash walking training? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work? The truth is, many of the commonly recommended techniques for leash walking are ineffective and may even be counterproductive. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unpopular truth about leash walking training and provide some tips on what really works. Read on to discover the secrets to successful leash walking with your furry friend.

The Unpopular TRUTH About Your Leash Walking Training


Leash walking is a crucial skill that every dog owner should teach their pet. This ability allows your furry friend to explore the world safely while providing you with better control over your canine companion. In this video, you will learn the techniques and tips necessary in training your dog to become better at leash walking. The instructor, Steve, shares his knowledge and expertise on the subject, making the training process easier for both you and your pet.

Breaking Down the Training

Training your dog on leash walking can be overwhelming for some pet owners. However, breaking down the training process into manageable steps can make the process more achievable. The video breaks the training down into easy-to-follow steps, making it easier to follow along.

Instructor Steve’s Tips and Techniques

Steve, the instructor in the video, has years of experience in dog training, making him an excellent source of information. Throughout the video, he shares his techniques and tips on leash walking, providing viewers with valuable knowledge on the subject.

The Life Skills Program

The Life Skills program offered by the store provides clients with the opportunity to create a personalized training plan for their pets. This program offers a specialized guide for different dog breeds, making it possible to create a training plan that best suits your pet’s individual needs.

Recommended Dog Products

The store offers a wide variety of dog products that help make training easier and more effective. From training harnesses to chew toys, the range of products is vast, accommodating the needs of different breeds, sizes, and temperaments.

Leash Walking Training Plan Available on the Website

The store’s website provides a leash-walking training plan that is easily accessible to anyone interested in teaching their pet to walk correctly on a leash. The training plan is broken down into simple, easy steps, providing dog owners with the knowledge they need to help their four-legged friend behave.

More Resources Available for Walking Training

In addition to the training plan available on the website, there are many other resources available for dog owners. Blogs and articles on different dog training techniques explore various topics, including potty training, obedience training, and leash walking. These resources provide valuable insights on dog training, making it easier for pet owners to understand their pets and their unique needs.

Puppy Essentials Training Program

The Puppy Essentials Training Program, offered online, is designed for new puppy owners. This program helps new pet owners train and raise their puppies responsibly. The program covers crucial topics, such as potty training and crate training.

Subscribe to the Channel for More Dog Training Videos

The store’s YouTube channel provides viewers with a vast range of dog training videos. From teaching your pet how to sit to more advanced clicker training techniques, the channel offers valuable insights into the world of dog training. Subscribing to the channel ensures that you are always updated on new dog training videos.

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Brands can advertise their products or services by emailing the store’s team. The store offers ad space on its website and YouTube channel, making it an excellent place to promote different brands in the dog industry.


Leash walking training may not be the easiest skill to teach your dog, but with the right tools and techniques, it is more than achievable. The video provides valuable insights into the leash-walking training process, making it easier for dog owners and their pets. With resources like the Life Skills program, Puppy Essentials Training, and the vast range of dog products available at the store, training your dog on leash walking has never been more accessible.

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