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The BEST Tool to Fix Puppy Biting Problems!

Are you tired of your puppy constantly biting everything in sight? Look no further, as we have found the best tool to solve your puppy biting problems! In this blog post, we will introduce you to the most effective and humane method to train your furry friend to stop biting and nipping. Say goodbye to torn furniture and scratched skin, and read on to discover the solution you’ve been searching for.

The BEST Tool to Fix Puppy Biting Problems!


Puppies are undoubtedly cute, but they can be quite a handful, especially when it comes to biting. From nipping at your fingers to chewing on your shoes, puppies have a tendency to use their teeth as a tool to explore the world around them. However, biting can become a big issue if not addressed early on, leading to unwanted behaviors. In this article, we will discuss the best tool to fix puppy biting problems and tips on how to stop puppy biting before it becomes a problem.

Tips on Using Your Voice as a Powerful Tool in Puppy Training

As a puppy owner, your voice is one of the most powerful training tools you have at your disposal. Using a firm and commanding tone can help stop unwanted behaviors before they start. When you catch your puppy biting, firmly say “No” and redirect their attention to a more appropriate chew toy. Consistency with your commands is key in training.

Reward-Based Puppy Training Approach

Positive reinforcement is a crucial aspect of puppy training, and it can help deter unwanted behaviors such as biting. Reward your puppy with a treat, and a praise, every time they do something good. This type of training will reinforce good habits and make biting less desirable.

A Tool that Can Help with Puppy Nipping, Biting, and Chewing

While voice commands and positive reinforcement are important tools, sometimes more is needed to stop unwanted puppy behaviors. The McCann Dogs “Puppy Power Nipper Stopper” is a highly effective tool for puppy training. This product is a soft, flexible rubber cylinder that can be attached to any leash. Simply slip it over your puppy’s leash and watch as it discourages biting, nipping, and chewing during walks.

Personalized Puppy Training Plans Available

The McCann Dog’s website also offers personalized puppy training plans. These plans are tailored to your individual puppy and include detailed training exercises to address specific behaviors such as biting, chewing, and nipping. These plans take into account your puppy’s age, breed, personality, and any behavior issues that need to be addressed.

Visit the Store to See Recommended Dog Products

In addition to the Puppy Power Nipper Stopper, the McCann Dog’s store features a selection of high-quality dog products. With a variety of toys, collars, and training equipment available, you’re sure to find the right tools to help with your puppy’s needs.

Music Suggestion to Help Dogs Settle

Not only does McCann Dogs sell valuable training tools, but they also offer music suggestions to help your puppy settle down during training. Calming music can have a positive effect on your puppy’s behavior, making training sessions more effective.

McCann Dogs Podcast Available on Apple and Spotify

If you’re looking for more puppy training tips, check out the McCann Dogs podcast, available on Apple and Spotify. Episodes cover a range of topics, including puppy training, behavior issues, and training techniques.


  1. How can I stop my puppy from biting? – Using voice commands, positive reinforcement, and the Puppy Power Nipper Stopper can all help stop unwanted puppy biting behaviors.
  2. Will the Puppy Power Nipper Stopper harm my puppy? – No, the Puppy Power Nipper Stopper is a soft, flexible rubber cylinder that will not harm your puppy.
  3. Are the personalized puppy training plans expensive? – No, the training plans are priced reasonably and are an excellent investment in your puppy’s training and behavior.
  4. Can calming music help during puppy training? – Yes, research has shown that calming music can help reduce stress and anxiety in puppies during training sessions.
  5. What is the McCann Dogs podcast? – The McCann Dogs podcast is a free resource that provides valuable training tips and techniques for puppy owners.


Overall, using a combination of voice commands, positive reinforcement, and the Puppy Power Nipper Stopper can help stop unwanted puppy biting behaviors. Additionally, personalized puppy training plans, recommended dog products, calming music, and the McCann Dogs podcast can all aid in your puppy training journey. By addressing biting behaviors early on and using the right tools and techniques, your puppy can grow up to be a well-behaved and happy dog.