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McCann Dogs 40th Anniversary Dog Training Special!

McCann Dogs, a renowned dog training center, is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a special offer that you don’t want to miss. Whether you are a new dog owner or a seasoned pet parent, McCann Dogs has something to offer to help you build a strong and positive relationship with your furry friend. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at their 40th Anniversary Dog Training Special and what you can expect from their expert trainers.

McCann Dogs 40th Anniversary Dog Training Special!


As the world celebrates McCann Dogs’ 40th anniversary in the dog training industry, their founders, Marti and Deb McCann, reflect on their journey, which started in 1981 with a passion for excellence in dog training. Today, McCann Dogs is a leading authority on dog training, serving thousands of dogs globally each week.

McCann Dogs: The Experts in Dog Training

McCann Dogs has helped over 600 dogs through their facility each week, while reaching out to around 1000 dogs worldwide for training. Their years of experience in the industry have made them experts in puppy training, behavioral training, and agility.

Puppy Essentials Training Program

Puppyhood can be challenging for any dog owner. McCann Dogs understands that puppies require a different approach to training. Their Puppy Essentials Training Program is available online for everyone who needs help with puppy training. The program covers house training, socialization, obedience, and more.

Life Skills Program

Dogs older than 5 months can benefit from the Life Skills program. The program is designed to address specific behavior problems such as anxiety, aggression, and fear. McCann Dogs’ experienced trainers develop personalized training plans tailored to each dog’s behavior and needs.

Signature Training Equipment

McCann Dogs boasts signature training equipment available online but in limited supplies. Their equipment is designed to help dog owners train their pets effectively.

HeartDog Supporter Program

McCann Dogs’ HeartDog Supporter program is lovely for those who want to support their cause. Not only will you be helping dogs in need, but you will also be receiving discounts, exclusive content, and more.

McCann Dogs Podcast

McCann Dogs shares dog-related news, expert tips, and stories through their podcast available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Dog owners can get advice, insights, and knowledge about their pets through the podcast.

Amazon Store

McCann Dogs has an Amazon store where dog owners can see the products they love. The store is a carefully curated collection of dog products that are sure to make both the owner and dog happy.

Showcase your Dog Product

Brands looking to showcase their dog-related products can get in touch with McCann Dogs. The company is always on the lookout for pet products that they can share with their followers.

YouTube Channel

McCann Dogs’ YouTube channel has plenty of engaging videos on dog training, behavior, and exercises. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to stay updated with the latest videos.

McCann Dogs Interview

The video content (not summarized) features an interview with Marti and Deb McCann. The founders offer insights into their history, their passion, and their journey in the dog training industry.


If you are a dog owner, McCann Dogs is the ultimate resource you need. From puppyhood to old age, they have the expertise to guide you through every step of your pet’s journey. Their 40 years in the industry is a testament to their experience and dedication to dog training.


  1. How long has McCann Dogs been in the dog training industry?
    Ans: McCann Dogs has been in the dog training industry for 40 years.

  2. Can dog owners book personalized training plans for their dogs?
    Ans: Yes, McCann Dogs offers personalized training plans for dogs above 5 months of age.

  3. What can dog owners expect from McCann Dogs’ HeartDog Supporter program?
    Ans: Dog owners can expect discounts, exclusive content, and other benefits from McCann Dogs’ HeartDog Supporter program.

  4. Is McCann Dogs’ Puppy Essentials Training Program available online?
    Ans: Yes, McCann Dogs’ Puppy Essentials Training Program is available online.

  5. Does McCann Dogs showcase pet-related products on their Amazon store?
    Ans: Yes, McCann Dogs has an Amazon store where dog owners can see the pet-related products they love.