Do You Have A Dog Breed That LOVES To Jump?

If you own a dog breed that loves to jump, you know the feeling of both joy and frustration that comes with it. On one hand, watching your furry friend soar through the air can be exhilarating. On the other hand, constant jumping can lead to a number of problems, from injuries to damage in your home. In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why certain breeds love to jump, the risks associated with it, and how you can work with your dog to minimize jumping behavior. Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or considering getting a jumping breed, read on to learn more.

Do You Have A Dog Breed That LOVES To Jump?

If you have ever owned a dog who loves to jump, you understand the struggle of keeping them down. Jumping and pulling on the leash aren’t just annoying. They can be dangerous for both the dog and the owner. However, with proper training and guidance, these behaviors can be corrected.


In this article, we’ll discuss the common challenges that dog owners face with energetic dogs who jump and pull on the leash. We’ll also share some tips and tricks from Instructor Steve at McCann Dogs on how to stop your dog from jumping up. Additionally, we’ll review some online training programs and resources for dog owners who want to improve their dog’s behavior.

The Challenges of Energetic Dogs

Unruly behavior, such as pulling on the leash and jumping up, can occur in any breed. However, breeds such as Boxers, Greyhounds, and Great Danes are known for their high energy levels, which can make jumping an even more significant challenge for dog owners.

Instructor Steve’s Dog Training Method

At McCann Dogs, Instructor Steve shares a method to help owners stop their dogs from jumping up. According to Instructor Steve, the key to stopping jumping is to make sure your dog understands that jumping doesn’t lead to a reward. Dogs naturally repeat behaviors that lead to rewards, so changing what’s rewarding will change your dog’s behavior.

Step one in dog jumping training is to change what’s rewarding. This is done by understanding what your dog is looking for when they jump up. Are they seeking attention or affection? Once you know why your dog is jumping up, you can manage the behavior by changing what’s rewarding.

Good Leadership Choices

To stop a dog from jumping up, good leadership choices are important. Energetic dogs often respond well to confident and consistent leaders. By demonstrating calm and assertive leadership, dog owners can help their dogs stay calm and focused.

Energy as a Tool

Energy can be a tool to stop dog jumping. Dogs respond to energy, and owners can use this to their advantage. For example, if a dog is getting too excited, owners can use a calm and assertive energy to help them calm down.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key in dog jumping training. Dogs thrive on routine and understanding boundaries. As an owner, it’s essential to maintain consistency in your training methods. This includes establishing clear boundaries and sticking to them.

Online Training Programs and Resources

McCann Dogs offers several online training programs for dog owners. Their Puppy Essentials program is designed for puppies up to 6 months old and covers essential obedience training and socialization skills. Their Life Skills program is designed for dogs over 5 months old and helps owners teach their dogs good manners and obedience.

McCann Dogs also offers signature training equipment, such as their slip lead and Ultimate Training Leash, which are designed to help dog owners with training and obedience. In addition, they have a podcast and an Amazon store for dog products.


  1. Is it safe for my dog to jump up on people?
    No, jumping up on people can be dangerous for both your dog and the person they are jumping on. It can lead to injuries and is considered a rude behavior.

  2. Can I train my dog to stop jumping on my furniture?
    Yes, by using positive reinforcement and consistent training methods, you can teach your dog to stay off your furniture.

  3. Will a shock collar help stop my dog from jumping?
    No, using a shock collar to correct jumping behavior is not recommended. It can lead to fear and anxiety in dogs and is considered inhumane.

  4. Can I train an older dog to stop jumping up?
    Yes, older dogs can also be trained to stop jumping up. It may require more patience and consistency, but with proper training, it’s possible to correct jumping behavior in any age dog.

  5. Can jumping up on people be a sign of aggression in dogs?
    Not necessarily, jumping up on people can be a behavior of excitement and enthusiasm. However, if a dog shows other signs of aggression, such as growling or biting, it’s essential to seek professional help from a certified dog trainer.


Unruly behavior, such as jumping up, can be a challenge for any dog owner. However, with proper training and guidance, these behaviors can be corrected. By changing what’s rewarding, using good leadership choices, and maintaining consistency in training, dog owners can stop their dog from jumping up. Additionally, online training programs and resources, such as those offered by McCann Dogs, are available for owners who want to improve their dog’s behavior.