Do THIS With Your Puppy Before Bedtime!

If you’re a puppy owner, you know how important it is to establish a bedtime routine for your furry friend. But did you know that there’s one activity you should be doing with your puppy before hitting the hay that can make a significant impact on their behavior and well-being? In this blog post, we’ll discuss what that activity is, why it’s crucial for your pup, and how you can incorporate it into your nightly routine. Get ready to see some positive changes in your puppy’s behavior and sleep habits!


Puppies are bundles of energy and an endless source of joy. However, sometimes their energy can be overwhelming, especially when it’s time to sleep. Many pet owners struggle with getting their puppies to settle down at night, leading to disrupted sleep routines and restless nights. If you’re a puppy parent struggling with this problem, you’re not alone. The good news is that there is something you can do to promote calm and relaxation in your furry friend before bedtime. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for helping your puppy wind down before bed.

Tips for Relaxing Your Hyper Puppy Before Bedtime

1. Set Up a Bedtime Routine

Routines help dogs feel secure and safe, so creating a pre-bedtime routine can be immensely helpful in promoting calmness. Set a regular bedtime for your puppy, and follow a consistent routine that includes calming activities like brushing, cuddling, or a short walk.

2. Try out Calming Music

Just like humans, dogs can benefit from listening to calming music. Soft, soothing music can relax your puppy’s mind and help to create a peaceful atmosphere in the house. You can find some excellent playlists on YouTube or Spotify that specifically designed for pets, or you may prefer to create your own.

3. Give Your Pup Some Exercise

Hyperactivity can often be attributed to pent-up energy, so scheduling some playtime right before bedtime can tire your pup out. Take your furry friend for a long walk or play a game of fetch with them. The physical activity will help to relax their mind and prepare them for sleep.

4. Keep Your Pup’s Mind Busy

Keeping your puppy’s mind occupied is another way to promote relaxation. Puzzle toys or chew toys are a great idea, as they give your furry friend something to focus on and keep them mentally stimulated. Treat dispensing toys are another terrific option – try filling them with frozen peanut butter or a few treats to keep your dog occupied while they wind down.

5. Massage and Soothe Your Pup

A gentle massage can work wonders in promoting calmness. Start at your puppy’s shoulders and work your way down their body, gently rubbing and patting as you go. This type of physical contact can help your puppy feel calm and secure, promoting better sleep.


Getting your hyperactive puppy to settle down before bedtime is all about creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere in your home. By setting up a bedtime routine and incorporating relaxing activities like calming music, exercise, and massages, you can help your pup feel secure and safe, promoting better sleep for both you and your furry friend.


1. What is a good bedtime routine for a puppy?

A good bedtime routine for a puppy should include calming activities like brushing, cuddling, or a short walk. You can also try playing calming music or giving your pup a massage.

2. Why is exercise important before bedtime?

Exercise can tire your puppy out, promoting relaxation and a better night’s sleep. It also helps to reduce any pent-up energy that may lead to hyperactivity before bedtime.

3. What are some good puzzle toys for puppies?

Puzzle toys like treat dispensers or chew toys can help to keep your puppy’s mind occupied. Some popular brands include Kong, Nina Ottosson, and Outward Hound.

4. How can music help to calm my puppy?

Just like humans, dogs can benefit from listening to calming music. Soft, soothing music can relax your puppy’s mind and create a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

5. How often should I give my puppy a massage?

Massages can be given as often as you like, but they are an especially great way to help your puppy wind down before bedtime. Try giving your pup a massage a few times a week before bed to promote relaxation.