Perfect 10 2014 Commentary 


10/27/2014 - POST-RACE UPDATE

It was a Perfect Day for the Perfect 10!

The day’s early risers were treated to cool autumn … darkness.  Yes, if you want to tackle the Perfect 10, you have to be up before the Sun.  Racers began to trickle in to the PB1 Shelter at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park for the 6:00 AM check-in where packets and t-shirts were received along with clue sheets and passports for the day’s adventure.  Then at 6:45 AM sharp, maps were handed out along with small intention sheets on which racers would advise the race staff of their plans in the woods. 

As with previous Perfect 10s, this year’s version had 36 controls/checkpoints.  Those numbered from 10-19 were worth 10 points, 20-29 were worth 20 points, and 30-39 were worth 30 points.  Points 1 through 6 were worth 100 points each.  And if you found all 6 100 pointers, you would receive 100 bonus points.  A Perfect score for the Perfect 10 would be 1300 points!

At 7:45 AM, racers received their final advisories (like don’t swim in the lake, don’t trespass, yada, yada, yada).  Then at 8:00 AM, to the sound of cowbells, 90 racers were off into the woods.  And just as everyone was off, an eerie scene descended on those left at the shelter … a parking lot full of cars … and virtually no one around.  It was like a scene in a movie where everyone vaporized!  Well, in our version of the movie, everyone just went into the woods for the day.

Periodic visits to water checkpoints 12, 14, and 18 indicated racers were making their way along the course in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions.  And in the end, checkpoint 12 proved to be the most frequently visited water control.  Encounters with racers throughout the day indicated folks were enjoying the cool and dry day, regardless of their success in finding those pesky checkpoints.  :)   Many liked the cool rock formations, the old ruins, and surprises in the woods like old water towers, old ball fields, and abandoned picnic areas.  This park has a long history with ever changing areas being used then discontinued in favor of other areas in the park.  It leads to cool discoveries.

By late afternoon, racers began to trickle in to the shelter in advance of the 6:00 PM deadline (arrive after 6 PM, lose 10 points per minute late; arrive after 6:30 PM, lose all of your points).  And true to form for a rogaine, 5:15 PM to 5:45 PM saw the mass migration of racers coming home.

Racers were once again treated to Butcher Shop BBQ pork and chicken, baked beans, and those oh so wonderful cheesy hash brown potatoes!  Stories were swapped and maps were shared.    Division winners were treated to a wide selection of prizes including a large selection of awesome jackets from Columbia Sportswear.  Congratulations to JASON PLUNKETT  for his OVERALL TOP SCORE of 1200 points!

Division PRIZE Winners were:

1st place - 840 pts - Rage Against the Cutoff (Drake White)
2nd place - 830 pts - The Chad (Chad Lewis)
3rd place - 730 pts - Myles (Scott Kelley)

1st place - 710 pts - Luv 2 O' (Yvonne Deyo)


1st place - 1200 pts - JASON PLUNKETT  - OVERALL WINNER
2nd place - 1190 pts - Saw Briar Magnets (Jason Bettis)
3rd place - 1120 pts - Lone Slug-O (
James Mercer)


1st place - 440 pts - Run4Beers (Allen Beers)


1st place - 1100 pts - Old Shoes / Monkey's Fist (David Davis, Sarah Fisher, Greg Garnett)
2nd place - 1090 pts - Alpine Shop/ Team Noah Foundation(Emily Korsch & Jeff Sona)
3rd place - 780 pts - Tiny Trail Ninjas (Laura Elsenraat & 
Jason Elsenraat )


1st place - 420 pts - nom nom nom (Lori Edwards-McGee & Morgan Edwards-McGee
2nd place - 260 pts - Bushels of Fun (Kayla Banzhaf & Laura Nichols)


1st place - 1160 pts - Gear Junkie / WEDALI (Andrei Karpov & Scott Erlandson)
2nd place - 1140 pts - Wild Boars (Jeff Ryan & Josh Borgmeyer)
3rd place - 1020 pts - Old Grads (Matthew Luehrmann & Joshua Wiley)

1st place - 1110 pts - FreiPiper (David Frei & Mary Piper)


1st place - 630 pts - No Reason (Mark Heithoff & Brian Bell)

Many thanks to our VOLUNTEERS for helping with the Perfect 10!

Mary Welter - Set-up, Check-In, Photos, Finish Line, Clean-up
Erin Santos - Photos
Doug & Diana Arendt - Food delivery
Dorothy Frieze - Food, Set up, Clean up

Our super sponsors keep us going and put products and services into the hands of our racers. We thank the following sponsors for their contributions:

Continues to support Bonk Hard Racing events with generous support throughout the ENTIRE YEAR.

Perfect 10 racers sincerely appreciate the benefits of Zanfel.  Zanfel sponsors us year-round and continues to place the best poison ivy wash directly in the hands of our racers. By spending so much time in the woods, Bonk Hard Racers know the benefits of Zanfel.   SIX lucky racers took home tubes of the miracle lotion, Zanfel.

Tan-Tar-A Resort:
We sincerely appreciate Tan-Tar-A, our host hotel, and hope you and your families will return to make more memories at this Lake of the Ozarks icon.  

Dynamic Earth: 
Hiking, mountain climbing, camping, paddling, Dymanic Earth can suit you up for your next outdoor adventure. With a watchful eye on earth-friendly products, Dynamic Earth continues to be a supporter of our natural world while providing top notch products for outdoor activities.

Columbia Sportswear:
Columbia products are comfortable and provide warmth as well as cooling when needed. Columbia knows sportswear.  The jackets on the prize table were a smashing hit!

Bridal Cave:
Visting the Ozarks is not complete without a tour of Bridal Cave.   If you like our "above ground" adventure, you will love the beauty of the Bridal Cave "below ground" adventure.

TriCounty Lodging Association:
We are so thankful for the support of the TriCounty Lodging Association.  They help bring events of all sorts to the Lake of the Ozarks and continue to support ALL Bonk Hard Racing events at the Lake.   We hope you take time to visit the numerous activities, shopping, and events that occur year round  at the Lake.  

The St Louis Orienteering Club is a great friend of Bonk Hard Racing.  We hope you will participate in their wonderful Orienteering events, offered throughout the year, in and around the St Louis area.  

The Perfect 10, once again, turned out to be a perfect fall day. Congratulations to all racers taking on the challenge!   We hope you had a wonderful time and will join us again soon.

Gary & Ellen Thompson

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