The OGRE course will be approximately 154 miles in total length.  The majority of the route will be on gravel roads, with about 20 miles of total pavement spread over the length of the route.  (Paved roads are used to connect gravel roads.)  Be advised, due to the steep, windy road characteristics, riders should expect conditions to change from Loose to Hardpack to down right Rugged.  There will be roads that are hardpacked and super fast (Time Warping), but there will be a lot of roads that serve up obstacles.

Spring rains can wreak havoc on steep roads.  Exposed bedrock and large ruts will make climbing and descending tricky.  Low lying areas and freshly graded roads of soft gravel will provide a soul sucking experience, while washboards in false-flat areas will loosen all the fillings in your teeth.

There is no restriction on bicycle type.  You may use whatever you feel will get the job done.  Most riders will be riding Cyclocross or Mountain Bikes.  Front Riders may be riding Cyclocross and a few die hard Single Speed racers will ride whatever they want to because they are crazy tough.  Stay out of their way!

We estimate the Front Riders will be at a 14mph pace and the Sweepers at an 8.5 mph pace.

Riders who simply want to FINISH, please read below:
Riders should expect to descend equal to the elevation gain estimated at 75ft - 80ft per mile.  Tire selection and gearing choice are critical to completing this up and down race.  The Oz Cycle group that rides these roads regularly suggest that tires be at a minimum of 700 x 35 (they use 700 x 40 or 29er 1.75-2.0) with low profile tread and latteral knobs.  Gearing should be no higher than 42/27 crank, 11-34 cassette.  Pushing a granny gear of 24x36 or 22x34 will come in handy 100 miles into the race, so go lower if you have it.

The Oz Cycle group averages 12 mph on a 60 mile ride.  Dan Dougan and his team at Oz Cycles will be happy to answer any technical bike questions.  You may contact them by email or phone -ozcycles@gmail.com or (573) 964-7000.

Photos from the course:

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