The OGRE - Ozark Gravel Road Expedition

The OGRE - Ozark Gravel Road Expedition! A monstrous 150 mile GRAVEL GRINDER -- note - 150 OZARK MILES!!

This second annual OGRE - presented by Oz Cycles - promises to test your BIKING abilities and push you through the ups and downs of Ozark topography.    Winding, hilly, gravel roads are calling your name.    The Missouri Ozarks - we grow gravel here!  

Think you can handle it? Are you up to the challenge ? FINISH the OGRE and you WILL have something to brag about!     The OGRE, a beast of a bike ride. 

150 miles of grueling gravel roads 

Lake of the Ozarks, MO 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Solo, tandem, and teams of 2

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2014 OGRE Post Race Commentary

2013 OGRE Post Race Commentary



Last year was a suffer fest. This year was close to the same but I didn't have to suffer as long shaving over 4 HOURS off my time. The OGRE is an amazing race like most of your other races and I will continue to come back to this one. I really see this race blowing up in the future as one of the BEST gravel grinds in Missouri! Thanks for putting on such a amazing event!


Hands down my favorite thing about the race is the part by the hill! Needless to say I have multiple favorites, the favorites just kept coming. Thanks so much to anyone involved with Bonk Hard Racing and/or sponsors for this race, your hard work and generosity is very much appreciated. Once again Bonk Hard Racing did not disappoint, their first class attention to detail shows in all aspects from registration to the finish line. The finish line, now that was my FAVORITE!


OGRE is a quality event. I believe you guys have a gold mine on your hands. This event seems to have the framework to grow nicely. Top notch maps/directions, OGRE staff at Checkpoints get you checked in quickly and Pre-Race and Post-Race meetings/gatherings were filled with fun and after 154 miles, many new friendships. It seemed to be the same experience for whoever finished 1st or last.  



FIRST - If you are planning a second year of the OGRE, I want to be on the invitation list! The OGRE won round 1, but I'm not giving up that easy! SECOND - What a well organized, challenging, hospitable, fun, and overall great experience. My support crew was so impressed and enjoyed the event/work so much that they want another opportunity. They live in Lake Ozark and enjoyed seeing new countryside, as well. They felt the instructions, directions, and appreciation for their efforts was superb. 

Seriously, I want to return for a second opportunity. I too felt appreciated, as well as well supported by maps, volunteers, and the overall atmosphere of the event. If nothing else, the scenery and challenge would bring me back, but the human interaction made it a top-notch event in my experiences. 

Once again, thank you for the tremendous effort and attention to detail that made the OGRE a great event! Please, put me in the invitation list for 2014. 

Tim Bauer


The OGRE is a leg ripping, lung burning, mind crumbling Beast that doesn't play well with others, in fact it is mean...just flat out mean!!!  So I didn't feel too bad when I laid it to rest at 9:26 p.m. Saturday April 20th, now hopefully others can escape the torture...or are there more OGRES out there?!?!?!

 My hat is off to anyone and everyone involved with this race, WOW what a brutally tough day in the saddle.  I have been racing mountain bikes for about 5 or 6 years and have been to many venues and it was easy to tell that this was not Bonk Hard Racings first rodeo, this was a first class event all the way.  Very professional in all the details, information on the website was easy to obtain and very informative, registration was easy, rider check in was very convenient for riders, and the meeting was great.  Great maps/cue sheets for the riders.  The map didn't show all the roads (which I know would be tough to fit onto a map) so trying to judge how many roads before a turn was tough but the cue sheets were awesome and eliminated that issue.  The map was great to let me know which way I should be heading in case I was turned around.  I really loved the color coding on the map as well, that was a great addition.  I will say when I came over the hill that gave me the view of the climb up to the first Pit Stop I nearly crapped my pants, and quickly realized I would have to climb the hill I was descending and I wasn't looking forward to that at all LOL!!!

 I know a race can not happen without the help of volunteers.  Please pass on my sincere appreciation to all that volunteered their time so I could play on my bike.  Everyone was so helpful and encouraging along the way, a great group of people.  And also to all the pit stop locations for allowing us to meet there and use their property.  Also a huge thank you and apprecation to all the sponsors involved with this event, I know they are essential to the success as are all the pieces of the puzzle.  I have 3 children and I gave each of them a slap bracelet from the first 3 legs of the race but the last one from the finish is MINE and I will cherish it!!!  When I crossed the finish line and was given my finshers glass I handed it to my wife so I wouldn't drop it and I didn't really look at it until on the way home the next day, I must say when I read the phrase "DNF MY ASS" I started laughing outloud.  What a perfect phrase to put on that glass, I LOVE IT.

Thanks again for such a great event,

 Mitch Bernskoetter


… Great Race!!  I really like the first 98 miles and then miles 140 to 150:)   Miles 100 to 115 or so, just sucked the energy and desire right out of me... then it took a while to recover.  I'll be better trained for next year.  I have never done a race that was so exhausting, then had such a desire to do it again so soon after the race.  Great job!

Jason Bettis


… thank you for putting on such a great race. Everything was marked out great and went very smooth. Definitely a big thank you to all the sponsors of this event (especially Oz Cycles for the Crossrip!) We had a great time on yet another epic Bonk Hard adventure ...

Josh Brown


… it was an amazing experience and very proud that I could finish it. Thanks for the organization and hope we can join you next year! ...

Andres Martin


… a huge thanks to you and your volunteers/sponsors for putting on such a great event!!  I've never done an event like this before and it was a pleasure to participate in. EVERYTHING was so well planned and executed.   I can't say enough about how well run this event was. The course was very difficult, but that's why we came, keep it that way!  High praise to you and your staff for a super time!! 

Darren Gilmore

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