2013 Super Racer


The year 2013 brought in 948 Bonk Hard Racing participants for 8 super adventures!

For the second year in a row, it was JASON BETTIS who competed in ALL Bonk Hard Racing Events!

Jason Bettis was named the 2013 Bonk Hard Racing SUPER RACER and was awarded a GoPro Hero Camera! Perhaps we will see some footage of his adventures to come!

Jason raced the 2013 season as Team Fusion, Team Fusion/kuat, a Solo Racer, and Team Canoeist. His scoresheet for the year is as follows:

LBL CHALLENGE - Team Fusion - 2nd Place in 4-Person Coed Division
BONK HARD CHILL - Team Fusion - 1st Place in 2-Person Male Division
THE OGRE - Solo Racer - 6th Place in Solo Open Male Division
SMITHVILLE 8-HOUR - Team Fusion - 1st Place in 4-Person Coed Division
HARDWATER HALF-HUNDRED - 1st Place in Team Canoe Division
BERRYMAN ADVENTURE - Team Fusion/kuat - 3rd Place in 4-Person Coed Division
PERFECT 10 ROGAINE - Team Fusion - 2nd Place in Team Open Coed Division
CASTLEWOOD 8-HOUR - Team Fusion - 1st Place in 2-Person Male Division 

We thank Jason, for his continued participation in Bonk Hard Racing events and for helping to promote and introduce the sport of adventure racing to others.

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