2012 Super Racer / Super Volunteer


In 2012, Bonk Hard Racing registered 1082 participants in 7 events.

One person raced all 7 events --- JASON BETTIS --- who raced as Team Fusion and Dynamic Earth/ Team Fusion.

We thank Jason, for his continued participation in Bonk Hard Racing events as well as introducing the sport of adventure racing to others.

Jason Bettis was named the 2012 Bonk Hard Racing SUPER RACER and received an Osprey Talon 33 Daypack.

Jason's first adventure race experience was in 2009.   It was a local race that he was asked to do with only a few weeks notice.   His recruiter fibbed and told the team that Jason knew how to navigate.   Jason did know how to read a topo map, but had never run through the woods using a compass.   He explained this to her but she told him to keep quiet, that he would do fine. They finished, after a very long time. :)

The following fall, Jason and his nephew entered Bonk Hard Racing's 12HR Berryman Adventure, as team Flash & Crash. "We lived up to our name." says Jason.   "We led briefly, until we were passed by a 4 person co-ed, then another team, and another, and another, etc.   On the bike, I got us so incredibly lost, we were completely off of the topographical map and we ended up missing a checkpoint.   I felt pretty poor most of the day; dehydrated, sore, under trained and too tired to think.   But, when it was over, I felt a substantial sense of accomplishment for pushing though and finishing.   It was a feeling I had never felt before."

After the Berryman, Jason was hooked!   Nowadays, you will find Jason and his team leading the pack!   We sincerely thank Jason for racing the ENTIRE 2012 Bonk Hard Racing line-up and also thank the many, many other Bonk Hard Racers who join us each year for seriously fun outdoor adventures.


If you have raced, volunteered, or spectated at a Bonk Hard Racing event, you certainly have come into contact with EMMA GOSSETT, our 2012 Super Volunteer.

Emma is the backbone of support for team Orange Lederhosen.   She regularly volunteers at Bonk Hard Racing events while members of her team race.

With Emma's experience in racing support, she is an expert at manning checkpoints, transition areas, and yes, handling the dreaded GEAR CHECKS!   Her willingness to be placed in some of the most remote course locations, her calm demeanor, creative thinking and can-do attitude, make Emma a much valued volunteer.   Our races are made possible by the time and talent contributed by people like Emma.

Emma was introduced to the sport of adventure racing by Derrick Boos, of team Orange Lederhosen.   One of Emma's friends had set his sights on getting a team together for the 2009 Bonk Hard Chill, and Derrick signed on.   Emma started volunteering a couple of races later.

"Volunteering gives me a chance to see great friends I've made through the racing circuit, and to give back to a sport I hope to begin competing in this coming spring." says Emma.   "As a matter of fact, I just registered for my first proper AR, with navigation!"

Other outdoor activities Emma enjoy are mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, and traveling in general.

"My father introduced me to the outdoors at a very young age.   I was raised a Missouri river rat, who learned how to paddle before I could tie my shoes.   I hold a deep respect for nature to this day."

A Columbia Sportswear Compounder Shell was awarded to Emma for her service.   Many, many thanks to the hours Emma dedicated in 2012 to Bonk Hard Racing events.   Many thanks to ALL our volunteers who continue to make Bonk Hard Racing events SHINE!

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