History on Canvas

It never occurred to Daisy Cook that one day she would be famous for telling stories of early American life.   What makes it even more ironic is that an English teacher from the Missouri Ozarks would do so on canvas rather than through written text.    But so goes the amazing story of Daisy Cook.  

Once a paintbrush landed in her hands, Daisy Cook beganDaisySiffermanCook1 to paint what was closest to her heart, life on the farm in the early 1900's.   

The memories began to flow so freely and each story scene clearly and succinctly  revealed itself one brush stroke after another.    

The images she created were snapshots of history, full of detail, emotion, and the realities of growing up  during the early days.    


Her mission was simple: unload her memories for her children and grandchildren before this way of life was forgotten.   Fortunately for all of us, her memories have documented our heritage.   

Daisy Cook soon became known throughout the Midwest as the "Grandma Moses of the Ozarks".   We are so grateful for her historic gifts. 

Pictured above left to right:
 Sister MInnie Sifferman Rutledge
Young Daisy Sifferman Cook
 Brother Henry Sifferman
 Brother Ray Sifferman  (center)


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