03/20/2013 - POST-RACE UPDATE

The 8th annual Bonk Hard Chill held on Saturday, March 16, 2013, could have been called the Bonk Hard Luke-Warm given pre-race temps in the 60's.   But by the 7:00 am start (actually 7:05 pm due to a late potty line), the temps had made it down into the upper 40s.   The Chill was on!

106 Bonk Hard Racers on 38 Teams left the baseball field pavilion at the Osage Beach City Park under the outfield lights and the first hints of daybreak. 

At 7:05 am, with cow bells ringing, it was off on a 4+ mile TREK to find 5 CPs within the Lake of the Ozarks State Park on the way to the bike drop at the Trail Information Center log cabin.   After a cedar tree filled filter between CPs 3 and 4, the teams began to spread out.   With a punch at the cabin (CP6), teams mounted their bikes and headed out on a 7.5 mile BIKING leg via paved roads.

At CP7 teams received the UTM coordinates and clue for CP8.   After a quick plot, the ride continued on to the next TA at the Camp Red Bud Gate (CP9).   Here teams were welcomed with a GEAR CHECK.   After a quick review, the teams dropped their bikes, and transitioned to the next TREKKING leg.

Though this 1 mile TREK was short, it was tricky.   Cedar groves made navigation a challenge but before you knew it, you were at CP12 and the transition into the canoes at Pin Oak Hollow Cove.

The PADDLE served as the bread on a TREKKING sandwich.   Teams collected CPs 13-15 before dropping their canoes for an any order TREK looking for CPs 16-18.   These three CPs were located on a high plateau above the Lake of the Ozarks.   It was quite a sight as teams scurried from one CP to the next crossing paths many times.

After collecting these CPs, teams headed back to their canoes and finished the PADDLE collecting CP19 on their way to the TA at the lake shore of the Osage Beach City Park. At the TA, CP20, teams were greeted by their resupply bags and a warm fire.   Teams grabbed a quick bite, put their personal paddles in the resupply bags, and TREKKED back to their bikes at the Camp Red Bud Gate (CP21).

Teams BIKED along paved roads, then gravel roads, then on to single track.   CPs 22-26 were found along the Trail of the Four Winds.   At CP26, teams received the UTM coordinates and the clue for CP27.   After a quick plot, it was off to CP27 then back on the roads to complete the 18 mile biking leg to the last TA at the Special Events Field Gate (CP28).

Clue sheet 2 was handed out at the TA so teams were tasked with plotting CPs 29-36.   This 5+ mile TREKKING leg could be done in any order.   Plotting and planning on the fly while running on fumes can prove taxing.   After dropping all biking gear, teams were once again off into the woods for the final "sprint" to the Bonk Hard Racing arch back at Race HQ in the Osage Beach City Park.

The cool weather proved just right for racing but the cool wind made for a cold paddle.   In any event, 16 teams found all 36 checkpoints and passed the gear check!   Post race, participants enjoyed BBQ chicken, cheesy hash brown casserole, and macaroni & cheese from the Butcher Shop in Camdenton, MO.

Award Results were as follows:
4-Person Co-ed:
1) Alpine Shop - Jeff Sona, Emily Korsch, David Frei, Doug Nishimura - 1st Place Overall
2) 34 Down - Jeff Ryan, Jason Noakes, Josh Borgmeyer, Sunny Gilbert - 3rd Place Overall
3) NSPIRE - Michelle Thompson, Dave Dyer, Micah Kohles, Phil Nicolas

4-Person Male:
1) Oz Cycles & Kayaks - Dan Dougan, Tyler Cordia, Josh Shrock, Steven Hermann
2) L Over D -Jerrod Bouchard, Paul Drews,  Kyle Rackers,  Ben Kettler
3) Haze and Company - Chad Hazelwood, Ryan Hazelwood, Greg Springborn, John Roxworthy

2-Person Co-ed:
1) Stinging Nettles -Jason Elsenraat, Laura Elsenraat
2) - Darryl McCauley, Lori Hunt

2-Person Male:
1) Team Fusion - Shawn Gates, Jason Bettis - 2nd Place Overall
2) Snail Trail - Philip Wehmeyer, Corey Case
3) Lost But Found - Ryan Stalder, Phil Rhoads 

The 2013 Bonk Hard Chill was presented by Oz Cycle & Kayaks.   And once again, Oz provided the Chill with a PERCEPTION DESTINY 12.0 KAYAK!

At racer check-in, racers received a ticket for the drawing to win the kayak.   Additionally, racers could enhance their chances of winning by purchasing merchandise at Oz.   At the pre-race meeting held at the School of the Osage Middle School, a ticket was drawn and Josh Schrock was the winner!!!

Six lucky audience members also took home "sacred" tubes of Zanfel, a MUST HAVE for Adventure Racers!   Other lucky members took home toss-outs of Bonk Hard Racing blankets, water bottles, and vintage T-shirts.

For those who stayed around for awards, the prize table was LOADED with prizes provided by Oz Cycle & Kayaks, Dynamic Earth, and Columbia Sportswear.   Let's not forget kuat!!   kuat provided a $549 NV bike rack (a racer favorite) for our prize table and it did not last beyond the first round pick!

Thanks go as well to Bridal Cave, mytopo, and the Tri-County Lodging Association for their continued support year after year. All this was made possible by the EXCEPTIONAL SPONSORS who follow and support our races.   We are so very, very grateful for their continued support of Bonk Hard Racing events.   Please make time to visit their stores, shop for products, use their services, and spread the word.

Many, many thanks go out to our Volunteers. These people make sure you safely arrive and depart transition areas as well as keeping track of your team along the way.   Please join us in thanking the following individuals ....

David Weber - Bike Drop, Errand Runner, Bike Pick-Up
Riley Thompson - Racer check-in, CP6 (Cabin), CP20 (Canoe Take-Out), Finish Line, Set-up, Clean-up
Oliver Thompson & Jordan Shoults - Racer Check-In, CP6 ( Cabin), CP12 (Canoe Put-In), CP20 (Canoe Take-Out)
Renee & Tony Slack, Savanna Schuber - CP9/CP21 (Camp Red Bud Gate)
Ron Chinn, Louis McCarthy, Sarah Clausen - CP12 (Canoe Put-In), CP28 (Special Events Field Gate)
Dave Perdue - CP20 (Canoe Take-Out), Errand Runner
Mary Welter - Photographer, Errand Runner, Set-up, Clean-up
Dorothy Frieze -  Food & Drinks, Set-up, Clean-up

Many thanks to the staff of Lake of the Ozarks State Park.   Please take time to visit the State Park on another trip to enjoy the features and the many trails that show off this Ozark gem. 

Thanks to the City of Osage Beach and the efforts of Brian Willey (Parks & Recreation Manager) for allowing us the privilege of using the baseball pavilion for our Race HQ, organizing the shelter house, and for "leaving the lights on" for us. 

Thank you to Jack Uxa for keeping an eye out on our canoeists as they made their way safely across the lake.

It is with humble gratitude we thank you for racing with us.   As a racer, a sponsor, a volunteer, we welcome and appreciate your feedback.

We hope to see you at another Bonk Hard Racing event very soon! 

Gary & Ellen Thompson


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