02/19/2012 - Post-Race Report!

Congratulations to Alpine Shop, The Stinging Nettles, and Team Fusion for a 1, 2, 3 ranking at The Bonk Hard Chill yesterday!!

One hundred twelve racers on 43 teams from 11 states (AL, AR, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MO, NE, OK, TN) took off trekking at 6:30 am on a chilly, overcast, Ozark morning.

The day was filled with new territory and twists!   Racers arriving at Thunder Mountain Park found they had to collect checkpoint 8 in the back of the darkened Bridal Cave, several hundred meters inside the mountain.

The Ha Ha Tonka Spring checkpoint bag hung at the source of the park's beautiful spring water notified the racers that the punch for this checkpoint was located at the top of the 316 stair steps that crawl up the side of the bluff. ;)

After trekking and canoeing the teams mounted their bikes, with a quick stop at HQ to resupply, then off on a 25 mile bike ride over hilly gravel country roads.   A pit stop at the Decaturville Missionary Baptist Church provided our teams with snacks, water, and a gear check!   After dropping off bikes at the Ha Ha Tonka Post Office Shelter, the teams had to plot the last 8 checkpoints for the final decisive trekking leg and head back to HQ to the finish where a welcomed BBQ meal was eagerly consumed.

The Bonk Hard Chill course was a challenging course requiring thoughtful planning.   Twenty teams cleared the entire course! Forty-two teams finished! A great accomplishment!!

The Bonk Hard Chill was made possible by our generous sponsors. Without them, there simply would be no race. We are very grateful for the support of:

Oz Cycles and Kayaks
Bridal Cave
Paul's Supermarket
Tri-County Lodging Association
Columbia Sportswear
Alpine Shop

These sponsors have the products Adventure Racers require. Please take some time to checkout their products.

Bridal Cave supplied all our racers with a FREE family pass to the cave (a $50 value)!!   We hope you all will return to the Lake of the Ozarks with your family and friends and visit Bridal Cave --- this time slower and with the lights on. :)

Many thanks to the staff of Ha Ha Tonka State Park.   Hopefully while you were scrambling from checkpoint to checkpoint, you took notice of the GORGEOUS topography of this favorite state park.   The bluffs, the spring, the glades, the natural bridge, and sinkholes are spectacular.   Please take time to visit Ha Ha Tonka State Park on another trip to enjoy these features, history, and the many trails that show off this Ozark gem.

Thank you to the Mid-County Fire Department and Jack Uxa's Fishing Guide Service, for keeping an eye out on our canoeists as they made their way safely across the lake.   Our thanks go out to the family of Der Vater's Edge, who allowed our racers to put-in on their private property and to the Decaturville Missionary Baptist Church for opening their doors to us.

Very, very special thanks go out to our volunteers who donated many long, long hours in order to make the Bonk Hard Chill a success.   Please join us in thanking those who volunteered at the 2012 Bonk Hard Chill. They are:

Diana & Doug Arendt
Michael Burns
Dennis Callahan
Hannah Casillo
Dan DeVorss
Dorothy Frieze
Rachel Furman
Emma Gossett
Abbie Sherman
Oliver Thompson
Dave Weber
Mary Welter
John Woodson

The results have been posted to the website.   We hope you had an amazing time!!   Send us your race reports and photos!! We will link to them from our website!!

The LBL Challenge is up next - March 24 & 25!! Register now to join us for another signature Bonk Hard Racing event.

Congratulations to ALL Bonk Hard Chill racers!!!


Gary & Ellen Thompson
Bonk Hard Racing, LLC

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