Castlewood 8-Hr RULES


**** The CASTLEWOOD 8 RACE is now owned and operated by THE ALPINE SHOP.  Click here to link to race info.   ***  

Required gear must be carried at all times during the race.  Gear checks will be completed on the course!

Automatic reasons for disqualification:

  • Not staying within 100 feet of your team mate(s)
  • Leaving team mate behind
  • Mode of travel not specified for each segment of the race
  • Use of any electronic navigation device
  • Littering on course
  • Non-assistance to person in danger

On the Race Course

  • Each team will visit a series of checkpoints that are described on the course sheet. You must visit the checkpoints in order (unless otherwise stated by the race director) and using the mode of transportation described. The team that visits all the checkpoints in the least amount of time will be the winner.
  • Each team will receive a control card, a.k.a. passport. You will punch the passport at each checkpoint starting at the 1st square until you have visited all the checkpoints.
  • There will be no time penalty for a missed checkpoint. Teams that find all checkpoints will automatically be ranked higher than teams that missed checkpoints.
  • All original members of each team must check in together at each checkpoint.  All members of each team must remain within 100 feet of each other during the event. All team members must cross the finish line at the same time.
  • All racers and spectators must follow a "Leave-No-Trace" ethic.
  • No littering of any kind will be allowed. Any team found littering will be automatically disqualified!!
  • Teams must follow race instructions and avoid off-limits areas.
  • Teams must exclusively travel under their own power during the race. Any team using motorized transportation will be disqualified.

Transition Areas

  • Team members will not be allowed to receive support OF ANY KIND in the transition areas or on the race course from a non-racer.
  • Non-team members are not allowed on the course without approval of the race directors.

Required Gear

  • Teams must carry all required gear throughout each leg. Gear checks may be performed on the race course.
  • Each individual team member must wear a race number at all times.
  • Helmets must be worn during all mountain biking legs.
  • All racers must have a red, blinking taillight on their bike at all times.
  • All team members must properly wear a Coast Guard Approved Type III Personal Flotation Device at all times while on the water.
  • No GPS equipment will be allowed. Any team found using a GPS will be automatically disqualified and banned from all Bonk Hard Racing events.

Race Management

  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age. If you would like to race and you are under the age of 18, you will need parental consent and permission from Bonk Hard Racing PRIOR to registering (Contact Us). The parent or guardian must also sign the Release of Liability Waiver before the race.
  • The time recorded by the Bonk Hard Racing staff will be the official time.
  • Grievances shall be given to race HQ in writing.
  • Rules may be added or changed at any time before the event.
  • Team members must sign all waivers and be present at the safety and pre-race meetings in order to race.
  • No illegal drugs shall be used during the event.
  • Bonk Hard Racing is not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged equipment.

Time penalties can result for failure to stay on the prescribed course, not carrying required gear, not having race numbers visible, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Additional rules and penalties will be added and announced through the website updates and at the pre-race meeting. All decisions of the race directors will be final.

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